A polyethylene gasket that seals the gap between the foundation and the sill plate.


Air infiltration is a major cause of loss of heat in home, and ShelterSeal™ solves the problem where the foundation wall and sill plate meet.

ShelterSeal™ is moisture resistant and it will not deteriorate after years of use. It also helps to seal out insects.

ShelterSeal™ is also ideal for use around door and window frames.


Finish the foundation according to good building practices and within applicable building codes. Removes all high points up to 1/4".

Unroll ShelterSeal™ on top of the foundation wall flush with the face of the wall or staple to the bottom of the sill plate, or tilt up wall section. Cut ShelterSeal™ to fit over anchor bolts. Position sill plate and anchor sill plate to foundation.


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