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ShelterFoam Roof Insulation

ShelterFoam roofing insulation is the solution of choice for new and re-roofing projects, delivering moisture protection and thermal stability that contributes to operation savings. Our onsite engineers can help with design to meet your project needs across the below applications:


Roof Insulation

Flat Panels

Manufactured in multiple flat thicknesses, compatible with all major roofing materials and assemblies.

Tapered Panels
Flute Filler / Trapezoid
EPS/POLYISO Applications
Paver Pedestal Systems

Manufactured for positive drainage across any slope. Compatible with all major roofing materials and assemblies.

Manufactured to provide optimal void fill. Tapered or flat available.

Ability to pair with POLYISO to meet fire rating and roofing torching applications.

Manufactured to provide superior strength and moisture barrier under the Pedestal system. Compatible with all major roofing systems.

Key Benefits of ShelterFoam

Flexible thicknesses and compressive strengths

Light weight and customizable

Stable and long term R-Values

Compatible with all major roofing systems

Promotes drainage for minimal moisture retention

Environmentally friendly, recyclable and low global warming impact

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